blackrosemfg 待望のミッドレングス入荷!

@blackrosemfg 待望のミッドレングス入荷!7’2″と7’0″Stockしております。店頭にて是非ご覧くださいませ!!

Description: The Hard Carbon is our most responsive longboard model. The bottom has a slight nose concave and the majority of the contour remains relatively flat, eventually coming into a panel V through the tail. This board features 60-40 style rails, although the rail never comes to a true edge. The rails are relatively turned down, allowing the rider to do flowing pumps, and generate their own speed.

Comments: From the back half of the board you can go top to bottom and put it on a rail, and though it’s far from a proper noserider, it still lends itself to nose riding in the right sections. This model really provides the best of both worlds. A fun, well rounded, forgiving addition to the quiver. Great for when you need to link together sections, an awesome board for beach breaks as well as points.